Summer in the north

Summer vacation

means sun, beach, suntan, outdoors, ice cream, berries,

that is,

if you live anywhere,

but my city.

You see,

14 degrees, clouds, rain, chilly wind, moist air, now and then 18 – 20 degree – hurray!

that is,

the meaning of summer vacation,

if you live in my city

in the north, by the coast.

Sommer i nord

A pebble

Sometimes there is a small pebble wandering around in your body. You can feel it tickle like wings of a butterfly gently touching you. You can feel how it lights up your eyes like stars as it tumbles around in your head. You can feel the glow on your skin as it touches your heart. And you can feel the tightening in your chest as you understand

– this pebble will never be yours.Tåke2

If love is a water

If love is a water, then it is has an impervious surface. The secrets in the water remain a mystery, for the hesitating viewer not daring to dive in. It is safe standing on the shore, nothing can bite or burn. The weather though, can be ruff on the solitary figure waiting for the seaSjø2.

A toe dips into the water, the cold creeps up the feet and shifts into a fear sneaking in to the mind. A voice grabs the chest – you might get bitten. Scared, but unable to see the lurking creatures around the toe hidden under the water surface, the toe is withdrawn, back to the safe shore.

Time passes, the weather is shifting, cold memory fades in to the horizon and sunbeams playing on the water surface entice a new approach. Bare feet wade into the unknown finding the cold less paralyzing. As the hips and chest follows, the water reveals warm streams.

As another figure appears the sea turns into the sky. The figure looses itself floating on clouds between dazzling sunbeams. Only when passing clouds clear glimpses of the other figure, a small unease is felt.

 The growing numbers of clouds are followed by a dark and heavy cloud, turning the sky back to cold water. The figure finds itself entangled in burning trades. Trying to escape, the tentacles keep stinging until the figure reaches the safe shore.

All loose trades have been cut. Alone stands the burned figure watching the cold burning water. The shore is safe, but the weather has changed as the figure longs for the sky, that can only be reached through the water.

The impervious surface is once again opened, as the figure decides, it is time for another dive.


I see trees, flowers and birds welcoming spring. I see light garments walk past me on the street, small feet chasing a ball and coffee on the table outside in the sun. I see my shoes walk on dry pavement, passing snowbells and small birds. I look up, and feel the warm greeting from my so long missed fried. I see spring.


The lady at the end of the hall

An hour of working to mend our hurt bodies, we walk down a white corridor. Imitating skeletons in glass display swift past our eye corner, as black socks on white floor carry us to the end of the hall. I grab my coat, slip black socks into black shoes and as I am about to tie my shoelaces, an elegant slim curve walks towards the end of the hall, where I and my shoelaces tuch the floor . I send her a smile. Her lips smiles back. Her eyes smiles back behind me. She smiles towards the end of the hall. I turn my head and meet my own eyes reflecting, confusion at the end of the hall.